Healthcare IT Group

The Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) R&D Capability and Competency Centre (CCC) in Edinburgh is responsible for two main areas of development:

1. Platform services and technical components that are used at run-time by clinical applications:

We collaborate closely with development teams from other sites, often working together to deliver new functionality into product quality releases. These releases are then deployed into hospitals and other healthcare environments across the globe – directly on scanners, modality attached workstations, multi-user servers, up to large scale enterprise deployments that cover entire hospitals.

2. Imaging application frameworks used to create advanced visualisation applications:

The frameworks provided by the group are essentially building blocks that allow other development teams to create desktop or web-based imaging applications. They cover authentication and authorisation of users, managing system resource allocation, controlling access to medical data, the storage and retrieval of medical evidence or application state, and managing the application of image analysis or artificial intelligence algorithms.

Due to the scope of our responsibilities, there is the opportunity to work across a wide range of technologies in the group. We are always looking to expand and evolve the capabilities of the services and frameworks we provide to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers.

Project Spotlight

We have recently completed work on the AV AP Integration Single Server Deployment, which combines two Canon products – Vitrea Advanced Visualization (AV) and the Automation Platform (AP) – into a single box deployment. This reduces the complexity of customer installations and their deployment footprint, as well as providing improved customer experience by integrating the complementary functionality provided by each product. The Automation Platform is an AI-based, zero-click solution that uses deep learning technology to streamline your workflow and generate fast, actionable results. By integrating this with the Vitrea AV product, a reviewing clinician can easily use the viewing capabilities provided by Vitrea AV to quickly review and, if necessary, edit the AP results to move forwards with the patient workflow.

The results from the Automation Platform are now displayed automatically in the Algorithm Processing panel on the Vitrea AV patient list, which means they can quickly be selected to be reviewed or edited in an existing Vitrea AV application.


INSTINX is an initiative across Canon Medical that aims to provide a consistent user experience for intuitive operation and intelligent automated workflow across all our products.

Teams within our group have recently completed the work to bring the INSTINX UX to the Vitrea Advanced Visualization (AV) product, which provides a comprehensive portfolio of full-powered clinical applications for 2D, 3D and 4D advanced visualization & analysis. This extension of INSTINX provides a consistent UX across a broader range of Canon products, from scan planning and acquisition through to the post processing and triaging of results in Vitrea AV.

What our people say

“Working in the Healthcare IT domain was a completely new experience for me when I joined Canon Medical a year ago. Since then, the company’s welcoming atmosphere, its many talented teams, and it’s focus on collaboration, inclusion and wellbeing have ensured that it was a seamless transition for me. Additionally, working alongside such positive, capable colleagues to develop solutions that will have a meaningful impact on peoples’ lives is a truly fulfilling experience.”

Andy Cameron, Principal Architect

“I started working at Canon Medical over 13 years ago, as a software engineer before moving into team lead and now a group lead position. It wasn’t a planned career path and only made possible by the supportive and
constructive leadership at the site and global level, plus the truly excellent engineering teams and people that I work with daily. Working in the Healthcare IT domain itself is really rewarding, but coupled with a great company culture and excellent colleagues make Canon Medical a fantastic place to work.”

Andy Duncan, HIT CCC Lead