Life at Canon

At Canon Medical Research Europe, we understand that life isn’t just about research and coding (though we do love those!). We believe in fostering a vibrant community where our brilliant minds can thrive both inside and outside the research zone.

Get to work on your bike with our cycling scheme, get involved in some of our monthly wellbeing prompts to support your self-care, get active with a session of rock climbing or try your hand at sushi-making – our Social Comittee will make sure you get plenty of opportunities to discover everything that life at Canon has to offer. 

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Edinburgh outside offices

We ♥️ Edinburgh

A thriving hub for innovation, tech and creative industries, living and working in Edinburgh offers so many exciting opportunities. Whether you are into world-class museums, breath-taking landscapes or the best pub crawls, Edinburgh has something for everyone. For us, living and working in Edinburgh is about embracing community, work-life balance and making a difference.

Employee Benefits

Our employee benefits package is backed up by a strong commitment to ongoing personal development of our staff. We offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package that reflects the value we place on our people and the work we do.

Our Work in the Community

We care about our planet and the people in it too. From raising money for medical charities to offering a Bursary Scheme each year to students, discover some of our people-first initiatives.

A Diverse Working Environment

We believe that all people should be equally respected, empowered and valued. Read more about our commitment to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive personally and professionally.

Personal Development

From collaborating on new exciting projects, experimenting with innovative technologies or learning directly from senior engineers/researchers, you’ll get involved in a wide range of initiatives. You’ll have access to different learning opportunities, such as conference attendance and meeting customers, to help you develop.

Canon members at work

Well-being Support

Supporting your well-being is important to us so you can feel at your best. We run in-house activities and support that cover a variety of well-being topics, from mental health, physical activity and healthy eating.

What our people say

“I liked the work that they do here at Canon, blending many different disciplines and technologies to create a product that is highly beneficial to the world. The challenges and use of technology fascinated me and I felt that I needed to be part of an organisation that works for the betterment of healthcare.” – David Gilbey, IT and DevOps Manager

David Gilby