About us

At Canon Medical Research Europe, our mission is to create transformative technology that positively impacts lives, empowering clinicians to provide optimal healthcare opportunities for patients worldwide.

As a pioneering R&D centre of Canon Medical, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of medical imaging and artificial intelligence in medicine. Through our innovative approach, we develop cutting-edge diagnostic medical imaging solutions and intuitive application platforms tailored for healthcare professionals. Rooted in our enduring ‘Made For Life’ philosophy, our focus remains unwaveringly on placing patients at the forefront of all our endeavours.

Situated in Edinburgh, Scotland’s vibrant capital city, our roots trace back to our founding in 1994. Collaborating closely with other Canon Medical sites across the globe, including our headquarters in Japan, as well as locations in the USA, Canada, France, and Denmark, we leverage our international presence to drive innovation and excellence. Furthermore, we take pride in our strong partnerships with leading academic institutions, industry stakeholders, and healthcare providers.

With a diverse team of over 100 talented individuals, comprising software engineers, research scientists, clinical specialists, and dedicated business support personnel, we foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment. Together, we are committed to harnessing our collective expertise and passion to deliver technology that truly makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives.”

Our history

A group of Edinburgh University graduates founded Voxar in 1994, a company that became a world leader in 3D medical imaging software and 3D for PACS. In 2009, the company was acquired by Toshiba Medical and renamed Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Europe. We became Canon Medical Research Europe following the acquisition of Toshiba Medical by Canon in 2016.

As part of the Canon group, we continue to work on exciting innovations and generate breakthroughs in advanced imaging technology.


Two Edinburgh University graduates found Voxar


Started working with Toshiba


1st Ultrasound product for Toshiba


1st Technology Framework R&D for Toshiba


Voxar is aquired by Toshiba


Canon acquisition


Became an AI CoE


Collaboration with Edinburgh Uni (VIOS lab and chair)


Collaboration with Cambridge Uni

Worldwide locations

Canon Medical’s Research and Development organisation is global in its operation and in its approach.

The team in Edinburgh collaborates with other developers in Japan, US, Canada, Europe and China and is in contact with these other sites on a daily basis. We also offer staff exchange scheme under which staff from one site can spend several months at another site embedded within one of their development teams getting to know the people, the technology and the tools in use at other sites. By working in this way we can maximise speed and creativity across our R&D activities.