Early careers – R&D graduate programme

Our newly launched graduate programme has been designed to support early career professionals or career changers, taking up their first employment role in the world of tech. Our programme is open to graduates or candidates with appropriate alternative experience or qualification (e.g. career changer and coding academy graduate).

What our people say

“I really enjoy being part of discussions on the latest developments in AI and medicine. It really feels like the problems you solve as a team are novel and new. It’s a rare opportunity to work somewhere with such experts solving cutting-edge problems every day.” George Lansdown, R&D Graduate

Programme duration

The duration of the programme will be two years, starting with a discovery month, which will include soft skills development, and followed by four six-monthly rotations in project teams where you’ll work on the same challenging problems and projects as the rest of the team.

There will be two positions in each intake, which will allow for a personal and focused programme where you will be fully supported at every stage.

How to apply

We will normally post about our graduate programme in November. You can register to hear about any vacancies here.

The process

1. The application

You’ll be able to apply from the website and you will be asked to complete some questions and submit your CV. Remember to answer all the application questions fully – this is your chance to share a bit more information about your experience and detail why you are interested in working for Canon Medical.

2. Initial Teams interview

If you are successful at the selection stage, we’ll invite you to a 30-minute video interview over Teams.

3. Discovery Day

The Discovery Day is your chance to meet us, ask any questions and help us explore your interests and experiences. There is no advance preparation required. If there’s anything you are unsure about, just ask!

The discovery day will be split into 4 key components: group exercise, a technical and a people/culture interview as well as a networking lunch and a chance to meet some of our current graduates.

What does the technical interview involve? You’ll be asked to do a presentation on a recent project and answer some further questions about the problem-solving challenge so that you get an opportunity to talk through your thought process and then we’ll explore your technical skills in more depth.

What is a people/culture interview? This is a chance for us to get to know more about you, your preferences and how you like to work. It’s also a chance for you to learn a bit more about the culture here at Canon Medical.

4. The Decision

After the interviews, our team will meet to review and discuss each candidate at each interview stage. This is overseen by HR to ensure there is consistency. Once a decision has been made, a member of HR will contact you. If you’re successful, a member of HR will contact you make an offer and then we’ll continue to keep in touch with you until your first day.

We will provide feedback to all candidates who attended our discovery day.