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While gradually building up a strong tradition in publishing, our research teams have developed an internal publication strategy where they work either individually or collaboratively on publications linked to their current projects.

To assist with their research, they have established strong links with local universities, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Heriot Watt, Aberdeen and St Andrews, and work with both clinical and academic collaborators to maintain a long term strategy to deliver new and exciting projects. To further support their research our scientists have opportunities to attend international conferences focused on medical imaging, deep learning and artificial intelligence.

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Group Distributionally Robust Knowledge Distillation.

Group Distributionally Robust Knowledge Distillation. In: Cao, X., Xu, X., Rekik, I., Cui, Z., Ouyang, X. (eds) Machine Learning in Medical Imaging. MLMI 2023. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 14349. Springer, Cham., 2024

Vilouras, K., Liu, X., Sanchez, P., O’Neil, A.Q., Tsaftaris, S.A.