Employee Experience

Want to know what it’s like to work at Canon Medical Research Europe? Get an idea with our Team’s testimonials:

A Day in the Life
– Klaudia, Technical Manager

“There is time to educate yourself and to improve your skills, be it through visiting technical or clinical conferences or taking the time to learn something new during your personal development time that you can take.

The rest of it – well it’s work of course. I read and respond to emails, attend meetings, plan for future projects, organise stuff and support my team. But doing it in an environment that is so supportive as this one is fulfilling and enjoyable.”

Student at graduation
Perfect place for a new graduate
– George, R&D Graduate

“I started with Canon through the intern programme and towards the internship I was offered the opportunity to apply for the graduate programme. My experience with the internship was an amazing slice of what a career at Canon could be. Everyone I encountered were solving fascinating problems they were truly passionate about. I’ve had such a positive experience working at Canon so far, everyone is keen to get my feedback and improve. There’s such a strong focus on development and learning, it’s the perfect place for a new graduate who’s keen to grow!”

Image of Corinna
No Two Days are the Same
– Corinna, Office Manager

“There may be a last-minute spanner in the works to deal with or I have weeks to organise a full onsite session with our overseas colleagues. I usually have 1-2-1’s with various managers weekly or monthly and have follow up actions. There is the setting up of communal areas and meeting rooms on a daily basis and front of house duties. Monthly reporting and checking processes are all up to date along with OKR’s. I liaise with suppliers usually weekly from booking in jobs to chasing up invoices. I enjoy celebrating success and getting involved in organising several R&R’s every month.”

Image of Victor
Surrounded by Exceptional Minds
– Victor, Research Engineer

“Working at Canon as a Research Engineer is a unique experience that simultaneously provides an industry environment and the opportunity to do the research you like. Undoubtedly, the best thing are the brilliant people you will be surrounded by from whom you can always learn new things.”