Personal Development

We actively encourage employees to share and develop their skills and knowledge. In 2017 we were recognised by the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and announced winner of their ‘Outstanding Contribution to Development and Skills’ award.

Personal development

Employees are encouraged to identify the best opportunities to support their career development plans. We allow for personal development time and provide a variety of learning opportunities, including attendance at global conferences, in-house and external training courses and coaching and mentoring support.

Global opportunities

Our global mobility program also allows employees to opt for either short or long-term placements at various locations. This program offers opportunities to experience working with colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds on a variety of projects. Recent assignments have included the U.S., Canada and Japan.

Share your skills and have fun

Every year we organise a ‘Learning at Work Week’ where employees participate in a variety of business-led and fun learning activities. This allows employees to share their knowledge and skills and support each other’s development.

Learning at work week