Working for us

We’re proud to be a global organisation but we haven’t lost our “small company” spirit. To continue our success, we need people who can innovate, take personal accountability, and make informed decisions. Below you’ll find more information on our values and our approach to work:

Committed to being a purpose-led organisation

The technology we produce is meaningful and makes a difference – we call this tech for good. We appreciate that we have people from many different backgrounds and we hire and promote people who are committed to our purpose and who engage positively with our company culture and values.

People-centric approach to work

Our people processes are based on how human beings actually think, feel, behave, and are intrinsically motivated, etc, rather than heavy processes that are designed to achieve compliance. We want to support our people to learn, improve and adapt to our business. We recognise the importance of achieving a good work/life balance and we offer enhanced flexible working options to all employees from day one. Employees can agree how best to achieve their weekly hours through various working patterns. Our focus is on delivering outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction.

Personal Development

From collaborating in new exciting projects, experimenting with innovative technologies or learning directly from senior engineers/researchers, you’ll get involved in a wide range of initiatives and you’ll have access to different learning opportunities to help you develop.

More than just a job

As we continue to work and evolve in this hybrid world, it’s important that we continue creating a social network through our townhall meetings, all company lunches, Teams channels and joining company events organised by our social committee.

Our Values, Our Way

Everything we do at Canon follows these five core values. From informing our decision-making to ensuring our work is meaningful – they are Our Way and deliver on the Made for Life philosophy:


We unite together under our shared vision for the future, realising that we are at our best when we are aligned with our Made for Life philosophy.


We dare to do what may seem impossible by setting inspiring goals, taking risks and being courageous enough to learn from failure.


We nurture strong and agile teams by trusting, respecting, listening, exchanging options and supporting each other.


We succeed through tenacity, resilience, and adaptability.  We persist even when faced with obstacles and challenges to achieve our goals and strive for wisdom to recognise when to change course.


We tirelessly work to improve our skills, to expand our expertise, and to push beyond our comfort zone, while staying aligned with our vision and larger plan.

President’s Message

Aging populations are increasing the demand for medical care. In this context, advances in medical technology have made it possible to utilize ever larger quantities of data. This is expected to improve the quality of medical care and improve the output of patient care and treatment. The trend is global. At the same time, the burden on healthcare professionals is increasing, and a new system of workstyle reform for physicians will be introduced in Japan this April.

Amid such changes in the medical environment, we have been working both to “shorten exam times while improving exam efficiency” and “enhance the sophistication of exams by providing low-dose, high-definition images” through various innovations, including the use of AI technology. Last year, we launched an X-ray angiography system that applies the deep learning technology we have developed to real-time image processing; and a CT system equipped with INSTINX, a new automation technology that supports workflow with increased efficiency and consistency. By expanding these technologies, we aim to provide solutions for safer and more efficient healthcare.

Last year, we participated as a member of the Canon Group in Canon EXPO, which was being held for the first time in eight years. Canon Medical Systems will continue to stay close to the medical front lines with the commitment embodied in our management philosophy, “Made for Life”: “For the patients, together with medical professionals, we contribute to medical care that protects precious lives.” We will continue to grow by providing optimal solutions while creating further innovations based on Canon’s broad and deep technology platform.

Best wishes to you for a successful 2024.

Toshio Takiguchi, President and CEO, Canon Medical Systems Corporation