Throughout the years, our steadfast dedication to excellence has garnered recognition through a multitude of esteemed awards. These accolades stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to pioneering solutions and our relentless drive to push the boundaries of innovation in research and development. Whether industry-specific honors or acknowledgments for our technical contributions, each award underscores the collective expertise, passion, and diligent effort of our exceptional team.

2023 Awards & Nominations

Winner – Innovative Collaboration
Winner – Multiparty Collaboration
Finalist – Innovation – Health Technology
Shortlisted – Director of the Year

Previous Awards & Accolades
Voted Top 10 Small to Medium Size Employers (2020-2021)
Scottish Enterprise
Winner – Life Sciences Award (2014)
National Undergraduate Employability Awards
Winner – Best Small to Medium sized Undergraduate Employer (2015)
Scottish Life Science Award
Finalist – Community Engagement Award (2015)
The Institute of Engineering and Technology
Winner – Innovation (2017)
Scottish Life Science Award
Winner – Investment of the Year (2019)
IP League Table
Top #20 – Top 20 (2020)
IP League Table
Top #20 – Patents (2020)
IP League Table
Top #20 – Critical Databases (2020)
IP League Table
Top #20 – Brand and Reputation (2020)

What our people say

“Winning the award for “Innovation Collaboration” is not just a moment of recognition; it’s a testament to our organisation’s dedication to advancing health care and knowledge through our strong relationships with other industry partners, healthcare providers and academia. It ignites our passion and drive; reaffirming our commitment to pioneering breakthroughs.” – Yvonne Belton, Senior Clinical Researcher