Decision Support & AI Platforms Group

As a team of highly skilled, motivated software engineers and clinical specialists our key aims are to research platforms that will support the clinical decision-making systems of the future and provide platforms to support R&D on the next generation of multi-modal clinical data in AI.

With a focus on end-to-end user experience of the clinical and research professional, we collaborate with other teams within Canon Medical Research Europe, as well as colleagues in the US and Japan, to design and build prototype systems that seamlessly provide patient information in intuitive, secure environments. These systems bring clinical data together with leading edge AI to provide the physician and researcher the resources required to deliver a high standard of patient care and ensure data is managed safely.

We achieve this by developing proof of concepts based on comprehensive research methodologies. These are developed in collaboration with our partners in the business and productization teams, enabling us to translate our research into product.

Project Spotlight

Stroke Cockpit. As part of Innovate UK’s Data To Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine programme, we developed a prototype clinical decision support system to investigate how presenting the right data to the right clinician at the right time can make a positive difference to patient outcomes. The goal of the Stroke Cockpit project was to research and validate a decision support system that would reduce the time needed for a clinician to decide whether to administer clot-busting drugs (thrombolysis). The system was successfully validated with real-life clinical scenarios. This multi-user solution included an intuitive user interface that provided a single view of the clinical workflow and imaging and non-imaging data from the hospital systems.

Stroke Cockpit – dashboard

Axil brain scan

Tool to support ASPECTS scoring of the severity of ischemic stroke

The Federated Data Network (FDN) platform provides a suite of services and web applications which include tools for clinicians to allow selection and annotation of patient data for machine learning and infrastructure. As well as an environment for data scientists to develop and train AI algorithms using the latest and most powerful GPUs and hardware. A key advantage of our FDN is that it allows data to stay inside the Trusted Research Environment of a hospital, so the hospital retains full governance control of its clinical data. The FDN supports scaling R&D projects between hospitals using federated learning techniques.

What our people say

“Being part of Canon Medical allows me to channel my clinical experience into innovation. As a clinical researcher, I contribute to the development of cutting-edge medical software that empowers healthcare providers to make confident decisions. I am motivated knowing that each project we work on has the potential to enhance diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately patient outcomes. It’s fulfilling to know that I’m part of a place where creativity and caring go hand in hand.”

Yvonne, Senior Clinical Researcher

“In getting the opportunity to work with clinical collaborators and get direct custom feedback we get a better understanding of the challenges and pressures faced in making life changing decisions. Having the opportunity to investigate, develop and present novel Decision Support solutions that can make an impact on the confidence level on making such decisions is extremely rewarding.”

Alistair, Team Lead