Our Values

For more than 100 years, Canon Medical has been at the cutting edge of diagnostic imaging, creating healthcare solutions that improve lives.

Inspired by our “Made for Life” philosophy, we are dedicated to providing healthcare solutions that address real-world needs and concerns of patients, medical professionals, customers and partners.

Our Way

Everything we do at Canon follows five core values. From informing our decision-making to ensuring our work is meaningful – they are Our Way:


We unite together under our shared vision for the future, realising that we are at our best when we are aligned with our Made for Life philosophy.


We dare to do what may seem impossible by setting inspiring goals, taking risks and being courageous enough to learn from failure.


We nurture strong and agile teams by trusting, respecting, listening, exchanging options and supporting each other.


We succeed through tenacity, resilience, and adaptability.  We persist even when faced with obstacles and challenges to achieve our goals and strive for wisdom to recognise when to change course.


We tirelessly work to improve our skills, to expand our expertise, and to push beyond our comfort zone, while staying aligned with our vision and larger plan.