Interventional Applications

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  • The Ultrasound team was formed in 2013 and tasked with the research and development of the Smart Fusion application range which forms part of Canon Medical’s Aplio i-series suite of applications. This team of highly experienced software engineers work closely with clinical collaborators and colleagues in Europe, Japan, India and China to continue the development of new features and improving the efficiency and value of the advanced ultrasound applications.

    To support this team in their research they have access to an onsite Ultrasound Lab and attend clinical evaluations to gain direct feedback from customers. This gives them the opportunity to witness their applications being used in a real clinical environment and gain a better understanding of the everyday issues healthcare professionals face enabling them to consider what can be done to help alleviate those issues.

    Here’s what our employees have to say:

    “The Ultrasound Business unit has fast paced development and release cycles, enabling us to accelerate the development and release of our Smart Fusion software, giving us the ability to help healthcare professionals help real patients quickly.”  Gaurav, Senior Software Engineer

  • See below the latest innovation from the Ultrasound team 

    Smart Fusion

    Smart Fusion was developed by our Ultrasound team to form part of the Ultrasound Aplio i-series suite for Canon Medical.  It is also available on the a-series range.

    Smart Fusion merges real time ultrasound with previously acquired CT, MRI, PET or UL data and allows multiple imaging modes to show the live ultrasound image in sync with multiple views of prior data.