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  • The Application Infrastructure group in Edinburgh delivers into internal customers across the Canon Medical organisation, supplying a framework used to build clinical applications as well as the libraries and platform services that these clinical applications use at run-time. The group consists of several feature focused delivery teams which provide the services and capabilities that applications require to run consistently, in a variety of different deployment types.

    The group works closely with colleagues in Japan, China, Europe and America, collaborating on design and development work, with frequent visits to other Canon Medical sites and opportunities for short-term engineering secondments.

    They work to promote positive, constructive behaviours and establish a working environment that allows them to work in a variety of areas and to learn and develop at their own pace. The group’s induction programme gives new members the opportunity to become acquainted with each member of the team and introduce them to a variety of projects and technologies worked on within the group.

    Here’s what our employees have to say:

    “It’s great knowing that the functionality delivered by the group provides the building blocks and services that support clinical application development in teams distributed across the globe." Andy, Technical Manager

    “It’s challenging and rewarding working in the Application Infrastructure Group in Edinburgh. We provide core system and application components for a wide variety of products across the Canon Medical group. We work with in-house customer teams around the world to evolve our architectures to fit new application needs. In some ways being a smaller part of a large corporation can be frustrating, but our assistance and expertise is valued, and we are expected to help guide the technical direction of our customers. It’s also fun – we’re all friendly, smart, and imaginative people, who all treat each other as human beings, and have a good selection of organised and informal social activities. I’ve been here over a decade and it’s the best place I’ve worked.” Hugh, Principal Engineer

  • See below the latest innovation from the Infrastructure Team

    Client-Side Cine

    One of the more recent additions to the application framework provided by the group is the Client-side Cine support. This functionality is designed to improve the user experience of clinical applications built on the framework by improving the rate applications can cine (animate) a series of images. This is particularly useful in a client-server deployment when there is significant latency in the network connection between client and server. Client-side cine addresses this by grouping related series of images and caching them on the client to allow a much smoother, faster cine effect for the end user.