Clinical Research

  • Clinical Research
  • The Clinical team is a combined group of clinical specialists, researchers, product analysts and UX designers with academic and in-depth hands-on clinical experience.

    The team are responsible for the research and development of safe workflows, algorithms, software components and end user applications for Canon Medical. They work closely with luminaries, clinical collaborators and customers to understand everyday clinical issues and develop clinical solutions to support medical professionals in imaging diagnostics, decision support and the treatment and prevention of disease.

    As part of the ‘Clinical Trend Maps’ project, the team in Edinburgh are instrumental to the long term strategic planning of Canon Medical Systems Corporation. They work closely with other research, application and technology groups within Canon Medical and have established an international network of subject matter experts who share their clinical expertise.

    To maintain their clinical skills they have access to a network of external clinical collaborators, clinical partners and applications specialists and have opportunities to attend international conferences and training courses.

    The clinical team are involved in a variety of projects covering oncology, congenital heart disease, stroke, state-of-the art ultrasound, interventional angiography, diagnostic support and much more…

    Here’s what our employees have to say:

    ‘’Being a member of the clinical team guarantees access to very versatile and exciting work with the ability to genuinely shape the future of Canon Medical’s products, ultimately making a crucial difference to patients and clinical professionals worldwide.” Sven, Clinical Manager