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At Canon Medical Research Europe, our mission is to empower care teams to achieve the best outcomes for their patients. We are dedicated to developing transformative technology that significantly enhances people’s lives by assisting clinicians in restoring their patients’ health and well-being.

With a diverse team of over 100 colleagues, including software engineers, research scientists, clinical specialists, and business support personnel, we foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment. Together, we leverage our cross-functional expertise and collective dedication to deliver innovative technology that truly makes a meaningful difference.

Project Spotlight

Global Illumination Rendering stands as a global leader in technology, employing cutting-edge photorealistic rendering techniques tailored specifically for medical imaging data. By simulating the intricate interplay of light and tissues, we construct a comprehensive representation of scene illumination. This meticulously crafted illumination data serves as the foundation for generating exceptionally lifelike images, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and realism in medical visualisation.

Global Illumination

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What our people say

“Working in a cross-functional team offers something new to learn every day. Diversity of our respective knowledge and experience helps shape our tech that will, once deployed to product, make a difference to real person in a hospital. When your work has a real-life purpose and it’s with a group of smart and lovely people, it’s incredibly fulfilling!”

– Ivona, Technical Manager

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